Sales Assistant Atelier Vierkant

You orient yourself to the world - you get up in the morning with Asia, in the afternoon you work with Europe and in the evening, you look towards the West; in other words, you are not a 9 to 5 jobber - you feel along with the rhythm of the day.

You have a good command of languages: English as a general working language, Dutch as a mother tongue, German as an important third language and French as a fourth language in which it is difficult to be taken by surprise - your knowledge of language enables you to establish and maintain contact with customers in an advanced manner; language is a medium for correctly communicating the message to your customers and for getting the customer on board with the direction in which we, as a company, want to go.

You have administrative skills; you make a correct follow-up via mail & notes of the contacts you make.

You are customer-oriented: you want to provide a service that will surprise the customer in the positive sense; you are flexible by nature, a pleaser without losing and questioning your own values and those of the company.

Even if your customer is on the other side of the world, you manage to make him/her feel as if she is just around the corner; you play with modern communication techniques: telephone, videocall, WhatsApp, email- and the customer is drawn into the workshops by your handy and fast communication -and becomes part of the process.

You are prepared to familiarize yourself with the production process -knowing every step of the product, getting your hands dirty, foregoing, to grasp that crucial information, which increases your leverage vis-a-vis the customer and makes all the difference when you are on the customer's premises in the future.

You have a great capacity for imagination - you can empathize with the place, space and position of the client and formulate proposals based on that empathy in terms of furnishing, placement, model, type and color.

You have a broad social, cultural and human interest, you can discuss current affairs, history, culture of different countries, places, etc. and you are willing to learn a lot about it.

You are prepared to make a long-term commitment to a project within an existing organization.

You are a trigger - you steer and pull others along in the sales - through direct contact with the customer, you feel perfectly the sensitivities for a certain project - of a certain context - and you take the others along in tow, you encourage the others in the team to go further and jump higher than they have done so far.

You strike a nice balance between pleasant contact and professionalism, never outstay your welcome, you are the first to go, as you are aware of the time.

You are also prepared to travel within or outside Europe -in the future, when your weight towards clients is great enough and you can be an added value for the client and the company by your arrival.

For any further enquiries, please contact Dries Janssens, info@ateliervierkant.com